Quality Printing Steeped in History

Nicolaou Printers is a printing establishment that carries with it four generations of passion and drive for providing the best quality printing.

A family business at heart; we are a printing establishment steeped in tradition and history, with a lifetime of over 106 years, making us one of the longest-running family businesses and the oldest printing establishment on the island. From generation to generation, the business has been handed down from father to son; and the family values have followed suit. These values are: Family, Passion, Quality, Client First, and Timeliness.

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Our Values


Family always comes first. All the values gained and followed from generation to generation culminate in respecting others, cultivating relationships, and treating others as our own; taking teamwork a step further and creating a community of friends.


We are passionate about our work and about everything we do. We are driven to perform to the best of our abilities. Because we love our work, we see things from a different perspective and are in a position to care about your products as if they were our own.


Quality is number one. Our passion drives the quality of work we produce. There is no compromise on how things are done and there is only one way to do things; they have to be perfect.

Client First

Everything we do and how we do it, is always with the Client in Mind. Although we work hard and are passionate about producing top quality work, we do not get tied down to our own ideas, and always aim to please the client at all costs.


Deadlines are important to us. We are strict on ourselves in the deadlines we set for our work and the promises we make our customers. Deadlines, however, do not make us compromise on quality; both are of equal importance and are respected.