Nicolaou Printers is a printing establishment that carries with it four generations of passion and drive for providing the best quality printing.

A family business at heart; we are a printing establishment steeped in tradition and history, with a lifetime of over 106 years, making us one of the longest-running family businesses and the oldest printing establishment on the island. From generation to generation, the business has been handed down from father to son; and the family values have followed suit. These values are: Family, Passion, Quality, Client First, and Timeliness.

It was founded by Christopher Nicolaou in 1906 when Cyprus was still a British colony. Different times back then. Christopher successfully led the company through the years, building on strength upon strength, as reported in the British Printing Newspaper issue of 1948.

The company’s strategy up until this very day has always been to invest heavily in modern technology to provide the best printing solutions to customers and to penetrate into markets for new products. Nicolaou Printers has succeeded throughout the generations to be a “first” in the printing industry in Cyprus, with regards to new machinery and solutions such as:

  • 1973: Laminating machinery launched
  • 1985: Security printing and personalization solutions offered
  • 1986: Computer business forms introduced

In 1987 the company was awarded a prize for outstanding printing, by Zanders Feinpapiere AG, a major papermaker company.

After the passing of Christopher Nicolaou in 1958, his son Nicos Chr. Nicolaou took over the company and pushed its growth even more. Today, Christopher N. Nicolaou, CEO and Chairman of the company, is the grandson of the late founder. And 1998 saw his son, Nicos Nicolaou, also joining the business and becoming a key successor and contributor to the reputation and success of the business.

Family is everything. And when talent and passion travel from generation to generation, the result is a name that carries with it gravitas of a special kind. Welcome to Nicolaou Printers.